The Ordinary, Beautiful Light Within

The Ordinary, Beautiful Light Within

I don’t get to see my best friend that often so when we do meet up chat inevitably turns to our latest wrinkles and my newest grey hairs.  This is just a surface assessment though – she always looks fab to me –  what we are really looking for are signs that we are each doing okay.  We may not live near each other but we are both very aware of what’s happening in each others lives and there are of course stresses, strains and many ups and downs.  Our infrequent meet ups are not only a chance to have a good heart to heart but also to make sure that we are each okay in ourselves.
In ourselves – because we know each other inside and out.  Instinctively we are checking to make sure that the person we know, the person we have always connected with on many levels and on occasions both life affirming and heart breaking is still in there and still going strong.
People can’t always be their ‘best selves’, we don’t move through our lives like models in a lifestyle magazine.  Worries play across our faces, tiredness washes us out and ill health sometimes robs us of our smiles.  But hopefully we can always be sure that our friends view us through eyes that see many layers.  They are able to place everything in context and they are always making sure that there are signs of light still flickering in any shade.   Along with care they hopefully also bring patience because they know some things in life take time to work themselves out.
But are we this patient and caring with ourselves? A popular mantra right now is, ‘it’s okay not to be okay.’  Absolutely – but equally it’s okay to honour the fact that healing takes time.  Somehow notions of ‘getting your glow on’ or finding your inner happiness in a weekend have filtered into our consciousness and now we think we are broken if feeling better sometimes seems like an insurmountable task.
When you have traveled on a path full of worries, sadness or illness you have to travel back down that road to get to your point of origin. And at that point of origin you won’t find some glowing uber self, you will find your original self and that person has always been good enough.  That person operates in the real world where the potential to glow and shine is often challenged but is hopefully also supported by faith in yourself and love from those who care most.

For advice on how Reflexology and Holistic health can help you to be kinder and more patient as you seek to heal yourself please do get in touch.





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