The change of season seems to have brought on a bit of a nesting instinct in me.   It must be the Autumnal colours or the slight dip in temperature that have triggered a reaction in my brain but I am feeling very much inclined to take it all down a notch or two. And whilst I know lots of people bemoan the arrival of shorter, darker days I think perhaps the change of seasons has a lot to teach us about the need for balance in our lives.   Spring and Summer are all about action, making the most of the good weather and longer days, getting out and about, taking every opportunity to be ‘doing’.  Autumn and Winter are more ponderous seasons, outings are planned around the weather and often less spontaneous and it seems natural of an evening to want to light the fire and cosy up. But I have noticed that we all seem to feel a little guilty about giving in to this impulse to slow down.
Could we think of it another way? If we were to treat the seasons as a little pictorial guide to balance then we would come to see that the brightness of Summer is welcome precisely because we remember the dull days of Winter and the crisp Autumn air is refreshing because we can compare it to a muggy Summer’s day.
In the same way rest is welcome because we know what it is to feel tired.  But in a world where we all feel like we have to be constantly on the go, tuned in and responsive it sometimes feels wrong to give in to the need to take a break.  Admitting that we are tired seems like a major ‘fail’ when really it is just our bodies requesting some down time.  Rest is absolutely necessary for our bodies to function and just as we observe the change in the Seasons so should we observe our body’s own natural rhythms. Activity and rest are part of that rhythm.  They are not at odds with each other but rather complete a cycle.  All the unseen forces of nature prompt the transition of Summer to Autumn and within ourselves our circadian rhythm prompts similar transitions from alertness to drowsiness. Fighting against tiredness is something we all have to do from time to time but if it becomes habitual then you will start to feel the consequences in all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional life.
So, I am asking you to take a big step back and consider if tiredness and constantly ‘pushing through’ could be the root of any issues you have with your own sense of well being?  If you really can’t tell then please try a holistic therapy such as Reflexology.  Reflexology has at its core the intention to bring the body into a deep and restorative state of relaxation.  If you are truly, deeply tired that will be revealed to you during your treatment.  What will also be revealed to you is the restorative power of rest.  Better than any super food or multi-vitamin, the deep and restorative rest brought to you in a Reflexology session is not only nourishing and reassuring for your body but it also reminds you of the need to take care of yourself.  You are not a machine, you will feel broken and sad if you live your life in a permanent state of being switched on and tuned in.  Rest has a place in your life.  Rest is the fuel for your action.

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