Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

As a Bach Flower Practitioner I like to incorporate Bach Flower advice into the work I already do with my Reflexology clients.  I do this because I believe that Dr Bach intended for his Remedies to be used by everyone and so with guidance my clients can use the Remedies at home and by doing so really engage in their own healing journey.

What To Expect:

There are 38 different Bach Flower Remedies (39 if you include Rescue Remedy).  These Flower Remedies are intended to restore a more positive mental state. Often when I am working with a client’s feet I will find tell tale signs that the person is experiencing a discomforting level of mental or emotional stress.  This type of stress is often the cause of or an aggravating factor in any physical symptoms they are presenting with.  As a Holistic Therapist I am concerned with the big picture, through Reflexology I am encouraging mental, emotional and physical healing – for example a busy bee who is exhausted because they can’t calm their mind to rest at night needs help with more than just sleeplessness.

I will pick up certain cues during your Reflexology treatment and these will prompt me to recommend Bach Flowers for you.  At first I will address the most pressing concern and perhaps also recommend a Remedy to support your particular personality type.  As we progress through treatments things will change and so quite probably different Remedies will be introduced.

After the session I will email you with details of the properties of the Remedy or Remedies and giving you advice on how to take them – this will be personalised for you and I may give you several choices allowing you to instinctively pick the Remedy which you think fits best. At each Reflexology treatment we will review your use of Bach Flowers and you can message me any time for extra advice or to give me feedback.  This is my way of ensuring you feel supported between treatments and also of encouraging you to attend to your own needs.