Sadness will leave you.

Sadness will leave you.

There may be sadness in your life right now but remember it doesn’t own you.  It is not your destiny to feel low, every cell and fiber of your body wants you to be happy and well.  You can’t really argue with the awesome complexity that is the human body, you must come to understand that the life force deep within you is as strong now as it was on the day you were born.  It’s hard sometimes to feel that strength and that love which resonates from deep within but know that it is there, it is your internal angel, your fiercest guardian and if you believe in it even just a little then sadness will disperse and brighter days will come.

For help with sadness and for therapies that will help you believe things can get better contact me about Reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies – working with you and nature to get you back on track.
Wise Sole Reflexology – fully qualified Bach Flower Practitioner.

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