Positive friendships are a beautiful medicine.

Positive friendships are a beautiful medicine.

Collaborating with three other Wellness Workers has made me think about how we should appreciate the power of creating healthy social networks for ourselves. The exchange of ideas, the support, the sheer joy of being with people who are on our wave length ignites the impulse to feel good. Putting yourself in the middle of people who make you feel heard, who make you feel seen and who make you feel safe has a havening effect. Your Central Nervous System sensing you are in a safe harbour gives free reign to the restorative superfeelings happiness and contentment. No expensive Spa Break or Yoga Retreat required, this is a healing buzz which can be experenced in the day to day.
When you have a Reflexology session I like to think I have ignited a healing spark within you – a simple way to let it flourish is just to give priority to people who raise you up. While you are up there you can start looking around for other ways to feel good.

Next week I am connecting with a great tribe of ladies to deliver an event in Thyme n Co. ‘Womens Wellness – the Menopause Years And Beyond.’ Thursday 11th April at 7pm. Free Entry. No booking necessary. We would love to have you join us.

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