Jenny Morris is a qualified Reflexologist
and fully insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists


Working from her own Treatment Room near Ballycastle,
she also offers a mobile service

Welcome To Wise Sole!

‘Your feet will bring you where your heart is.’ Irish Proverb

Fatigued, Stressed, physically low?

Give Reflexology a try. Reflexology is a natural therapy which:

  • Is deeply relaxing.
  • Enhances wellbeing.
  • Reduces toxicity.
  • Improves Circulation.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Improves Energy levels.
  • Promotes Lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes healing

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Reflexologists are holistic therapists who support their client’s wellbeing. Holistic Therapists treat the whole person, not just specific issues. Reflexologists understand that the mind, emotions, body and spirit all influence each other. To learn more click here.

About me

In July 2017 I achieved a Diploma level Distinction in Practitioners Reflexology. I studied with Shelia Nugent at her own School. Sheila has been working in the field of Complimentary Therapy for over 30 years and she was one of the first Tutor/Practitioners to bring Reflexology to our shores. My learning was focused on the Ingham and Swiss Methods of Reflexology and the moment I began the course I knew I was right to follow my heart.
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Recent Blog Entries

Wellbeing – the best Valentine’s gift of all.

You know when you need some time out, you know when a loved one needs some tlc so why not give something different for Valentines? Treat yourself or a loved one to Reflexology. Flowers and chocolates are lovely to receive but a gift of Reflexology is the type of caring gesture that can actually transform

Words on Womens Health

My work means I encounter women with reproductive health issues and fertility issues. Often these are young women who are trying to conceive or they are women who are simply trying to take back control of lives that have been overrun by debilitating conditions such as Endometriosis, PCOS and chronic PMT.  The predictability of being

Thanks For your Support

The 2018 diary is almost closed and I really must say a huge thank-you to all of my clients. We have laughed together, we have cried together and oftentimes we have simply shared some quiet time together. Each person that comes into my Treatment Room is unique, each person brings their own story and energy