Back to School

Back to School

Back to School  – a time of mixed emotions for kids and their grown ups.  In our house there were tears, there were questions, there was excitement about seeing friends again.  At times like this emotions are never far from the surface, tummies churn and ache and everyone just wants everything to be okay.  But in reality we can’t fix everything, we can’t make every day perfect but we can take steps to carefully shepherd everyone along.  Essential oils selected to calm and uplift will be diffusing through our house, Rescue Remedy will be available, there will be plenty of cuddles and of course Reflexology at bedtime is a lovely way to shed worries and relax into sleep.

And grown ups –remember to look after yourselves.    Acknowledge the churning in your own tummy, the nerves you feel for your child.  If after a few days everyone still feels wound up and stressed then think about taking some steps to restore a little calm.

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