Here’s a little thought for you...

Here’s a little thought for you...

“…it is the unconscious energies that are trying to make themselves known to us (Debbie Shappiro).”

Holistic therapists very much advocate the idea of the body-mind relationship. For example someone with a persistent cough may on an emotional level need to think about what it is that they really want to, ‘get off their chest.’ Someone with constipation might want to think about why they always have to be in control, why they can’t just ‘let go.’ And someone who experiences dizzy spells might want to think about how they lost touch with their centre, their groundedness.

Your body can’t talk to you but it can set off alarm bells – those little symptoms, niggles, aches and pains. If you ignore what your body is trying to tell you, if you fail to make the connection between emotional, spiritual and physical health then those little niggles become stressors, become illness and disease.

Take a beat, listen to your body and open your mind to the idea that whilst it can send up distress flares it needs you to listen and respond.

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