The Restorative Power of Reflexology

The Restorative Power of Reflexology

It’s been busy of late and last week I have to admit I was almost all out of giving. My head was full of good intentions but the energy to truly act on them was lacking. How could a Therapist be so remiss about self-care? Well actually, it’s easy, all you have to do is keep giving and forget about receiving. I’m a bit of a busy bee so feeling fatigued doesn’t sit well with me, I also tend to put my whole heart into things – being halfhearted goes against my nature and that’s never a good thing. I had created my very own state of imbalance.

The opposite of giving is of course receiving and in order to have enough to give you also have to receive. When you get the balance right then you are much better placed to bring good energy to others. And by receiving I don’t mean getting gifts galore – no, I mean doing what you know will top up your energy and restore your balance. Instinctively I knew I needed to be on the receiving end of the Therapy I love – I booked myself in for some Reflexology. I felt that deep restorative relaxation that I always wish for my clients and when the treatment was complete I knew that I was lighter and more able to set positive intentions. I was also able to get to Movement and Meditation which is to me like an inventory of the self – through it I get to discover what body parts are holding stress and which thoughts I am least able to quiet in my head.

And come to think of it, I could feel a bit daft about me The Therapist forgetting about self-care but no, I chose to take it as a lesson in my journey as a Reflexologist. Receiving is believing – my absolute faith in the restorative power of Reflexology was rewarded. I also learnt that in order to give my best I must also be at my best and that means never feeling guilty about taking time out to recharge my own batteries.

So, if you are in a slump, if you are tired or fatigued and all your usual pick me ups aren’t working, don’t feel defeated, try Reflexology. It can be your safety net, your go to source of complete relaxation. And never feel judged, your Therapist is unlikely to be an advanced being removed from the strains of every day life! He or she will be like me, someone who knows what it likes to hit the wall, someone who wants to encourage you to rest a while. Remember it’s okay to want to feel well, it’s wise to want an easy mind and it’s smart to want to soothe your soul.

Do get in touch with any questions about how Reflexology might help you. For information on monthly Movement and Meditation classes contact B Strong Briege Hamilton.

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