Six Reasons Why

Six Reasons Why

This post is just a little snap shot of the types of reasons people come to me for Reflexology. I’m basing it on recent treatments and I am hoping it will plant a seed about the value and power of Reflexology.

6 Reasons Why People have had Reflexology with me in the last 10 days:
1. They were feeling stressed and Anxious.
2. They were at a low ebb, tired and run down.
3. To alleviate the symptoms of a chronic health condition .
4. For support during a transition such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause.
5. To help with insomnia.
6. Because a complaint such as Migraine, IBS or Sinusitis always reoccurs.

The actual list of reasons why you should try Reflexology is A LOT more comprehensive. Really I’m just offering some examples and asking you to put together the rest of this Blog in your own head…why would Reflexology help you?
I thought it would be also helpful to give some of the reasons why people have said they were reluctant to try Reflexology.

6 Reasons For Not Trying Reflexology:
1. Tickly/Ugly feet.
2. Not into ‘alternative’ health.
3. Can’t see how working on the feet could have any affect on the whole self.
4. No time to take ‘time out.’
5. Tried things like massage and just couldn’t relax.
6. Isn’t it just a foot rub?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Reflexology and other complimentary therapies. But to dispel a few myths, Reflexology isn’t tickly {it involves firm but comfortable pressure} nor is it a foot rub – whilst there is an element of massage in order to relax out the feet and therefore the person, largely the treatment involves palpation of reflex points on the feet. These reflex points correspond to your organs and body systems and this is why Reflexology affects the whole self. For stress, Reflexology is best so if you are ‘too busy’ or can’t relax then you are under the type of stress which Reflexology aims to address. Finally, no feet are ugly, they are actually a fascinating window onto your physical, mental and emotional health and ‘alternative’ treatments such as Reflexology actually work really well with orthodox medicine – it’s all about balance.
Health means different things to different people. For some the most pressing problems seem to occur mainly on a physical level,for others the strain is on an emotional level. Most often it’s a mixture of both because physical illness and mental or emotional discomfort go hand in hand. Either way it’s all about support, it’s about lifting you out of your present condition and giving you the opportunity to feel better. Going back to my most recent clients here are some examples of how Reflexology changed things for them:

6 Ways Reflexology Helped:
1. Much improved sleep.
2. Less stressed and generally better able to cope with life.
3. Reduced inflammation and pain.
4. Digestive problems eased.
5. Relief – a burden lifted.
6. Return to ‘better form’ – more positive.

So my point? Don’t give me six reasons why you can’t make time for Reflexology. Instead think of your most pressing concern – now give me one good reason why you wouldn’t want to try a safe and natural treatment to alleviate the stress it is causing you.

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