Migraine Misery

Migraine Misery

There are many different types of migraines but one thing they all have in common is that they absolutely floor you. I get migraines myself and it strikes me that they are a perfect illustration of how stress generally affects our bodies. Think about how you feel after a migraine – upset tummy, lethargic, foggy, well that’s how a congested and stressed body feels. Now think about how you feel when everything has cleared – more alive, happier, a sense of release.
It is vital that stress is released. When you get a rotter of a migraine it’s obvious that your head is under stress but the dis-ease doesn’t just stop there. Nerves carry signals from your head to other regions of your body and these signals alert different organs, muscles and systems to the fact that there is something wrong.  Immediately they too start to react, perhaps your neck feels stiff, your stomach feels nauseous, your fingers tingle… nothing in our bodies works in isolation so absolutely take your prescribed medication to deal with the pain of migraines but don’t for a minute imagine that’s the end of the story.
It helps to consider the reasons migraines occur. There are the headaches which are, “the silent cry of the overburdened mind”, these are caused by tension, anxiety and anger. Then there are the type which are related to another part of the body – poor digestion/menstrual imbalance/sinus problems… whatever the cause, a whole body response is necessary. Reflexology is a great tool for managing migraines because it emphasises the whole person, recognises that pain is the body’s way of signalling that it needs help and flushes out all those toxins and stressors that need to be released so that you can have better health.
I always encourage clients to think about where they are at in their lives – what’s going on with them. The head is symbolic of our emotional and spiritual side. Think of headaches that arise at times of great emotional turmoil and stress. At these times our body is sending a signal, an ache which we can’t ignore. It is hoping that we will register that we are not emotionally equipped to deal with a certain situation. It wants us to seek help or make changes before stress sets in and we descend into a deeper level of ill health. Our body works constantly to allow us to function at peak health and when it comes up against a problem it will signal for help – we shouldn’t ignore these signals.
If you come to me for help with migraines then please know that there is no magic button on your foot which I can press to make them instantly disappear. We will work together and it will be a bit of a journey. Through reflexology I can relax your body, only a relaxed body can truly heal, as you heal the symptoms and impact of the migraines will be reduced.  But you will have to work with me because reflexology will make you more aware of what might be causing you migraines – your feet will have a story to tell, it’s up to you to listen and act on their wisdom.


*Reflexologists can not and will not offer a diagnosis. If you are experiencing a new type of headache then please talk to your GP.

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