Help With Coughs and Colds

Help With Coughs and Colds

Tis the Season of chesty coughs and colds, they’re tiring, they’re miserable but they should only last around a week.  Occasionally though what feels like a super dose comes along and beds in for the Winter bringing with it mucus overload, a rotten cough and sleepless nights…sound familiar?  Reflexology can help, imagine yourself in a warm comforting space tucked up in a cosy blanket while your Reflexologist works to alleviate the immediate symptoms of a cough/cold.  Then add another layer, during the treatment your Reflexologist will learn why you are so prone to seasonal ailments.  So there you have it, for coughs and colds Reflexology = alleviation and prevention.

Alleviation of Symptoms
Think of the cold as the body starting a good clear out [drip, drip, drip = cleanse!] Reflexology will support this natural process and :

  • Break up congestion in the chest.
  • Regulate Mucus levels in the body.
  • Drain lymph to break up congestion and support the cleanse your body has started.
  • Relax and ease Bronchials.
  • Relax chest muscles [all that coughing hurts after a while].
  • Ease diaphragm to allow for deep breathing.
  • Open sinuses and nasal pathways.
  • Relieve Sinusitis
  • Combat inflammation.
  • Strengthen and balance the Immune System.
  • Encourage rest and relaxation.
  • Encourage self-healing.

Understanding and Prevention
While working on your feet your therapist will develop an understanding of why you are prone to rotten coughs and colds. Perhaps you are very stressed and have been for a while – stress makes it easier to catch a cold and much more difficult to shake it off.  Maybe you don’t get enough sleep – value your sleep, when your body’s at rest it’s more able to fight off infection. Perhaps it’s not a cold, it’s an infection and you need a little help to see that a GP visit is needed?

Reflexology is an amazing therapy for alleviating the symptoms of coughs and colds.  It is also an invaluable way of learning about the stressors that are affecting your health. If your cold is the start of a good clear out, then why not ask the question, “Why is my body initiating a cleanse?”.  Reflexology can provide a gentle, non-judgemental mirror which allows you to see all of the reasons why you might be feeling so low.

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