Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

Thank you to my clients who have shown me so much support – I really do appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone who took time to read, like and share my blogs – I hope you found something in them for you.

Thank you for the recommendations, kind words and trust – holistic therapy is all about the exchange of positive energy.

Next week is a busy one but there are a couple of slots still available. Gift vouchers available too [last minute present solution?].

I will be offering new therapies such as Facial Reflexology and Chalation in the New Year. Both are amazing therapies in their own right but are also a perfect add on to a Reflexology treatment. I will be updating my website and blogging about these soon.

Finally, I know this can be a tough time of year for many people. I lost someone very special at Christmas so I know how hard it can be. There are very many caring and good people in our community who will offer someone to talk to or a therapy for those in need of some TLC. Be kind to yourself, treatments such as Reflexology can offer a wonderful sense of ease to anyone going through a tough time. If you have a loved one who is ill or having palliative care, holistic treatments can also be a lovely way to bring a sense of calm and ease into their lives and the lives of their carers. Always ask, Christmas is about giving and acts of kindness – even the smallest gesture can allow the light back into someones life.

Love, light and Christmas wishes x



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