Healing Love

Healing Love

Love:an intense feeling of positive emotion.

You can’t exactly miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Whatever you make of Cupid’s busiest day, it strikes me as a reminder of the feel good factor associated with love.

Think of a person who gives and receives love, how do you see them – happy, positive, outgoing, warm?
Now think of a person who is shut down, who rejects love in favour of negative emotions – how do you see that person – cold, dark, emotionally draining?

These associations help us to understand emotions as energy.   Whether you give a smile or offer a box of chocolates, the important thing is that you are choosing to make someone feel good.

A hug is a reaching out.
A smile reveals the light behind your eyes.
A kiss is a warm exchange of energy.
These types of positive exchanges give us ‘heart’, boost our sense of well-being and top up our reserves of healing energy.  Sparks might fly when we fall in love but actually sparks of healing energy whirl through our body every time we make or receive a loving gesture.

On the 14th February Cupid might be busy conjuring romantic love but I actually think there’s a light within every one of us which glows a little bit brighter when out of the blue someone offers a warm smile or performs a small act of kindness.

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